Welcome to DocGrief

Death, doctors and personal grief Hello and welcome. This site is intended to fill a gap in the www being a dedicated space for health professionals to reflect and explore our relationship with death and grief, particularly when personally affected by a death in the family. For my purposes here, I define family as including … More Welcome to DocGrief

The autopsy report

Dealing with an autopsy report of a loved one as a doctor. Today marks 12 years since MJ died. A post on a GP Facebook page started a thread about discussing autopsy reports with next of kin when the deceased or the NOK is a regular patient. It sparked a few reflections about dealing with … More The autopsy report

Christmas Reflections

25th December, 2016 Christmas means different things to different people. For Christians, it is, of course, a fundamentally important event spiritually. For those of other faiths, and the non-religious, Christmas has different connotations. You may or may not choose to celebrate it, but one thing is for sure, living in a place like an Australia, … More Christmas Reflections

Dr Mike Winters- don’t forget A & B (reflecting on witnessing his grandfather’s cardiac arrest )

SMACC conferences seem to be amazing melting pots of lived experience coupled with a passion for telling stories. SMACC is Social Media and Critical Care. Those involved have a busy presence on Twitter and a variety of blogs, and their international conferences sell out in moments, melting down the internet while they do! The background … More Dr Mike Winters- don’t forget A & B (reflecting on witnessing his grandfather’s cardiac arrest )

Grief as an ocean

Grief Suddenly. You are under water and the current is tossing you like seaweed. You are struggling to breathe; searching for the surface so you can grab air. You break through and breathe – relief – and then another wave comes from nowhere and knocks you back under. Your eyes and nose are full of … More Grief as an ocean

The grief cupboard

I have a theory about grief. I read so many books about death and grief in the first few years after MJ died, that I am not clear if this is a concept I have read clearly described, or a conglomeration of several ideas, or possibly even something I have come up with myself. If … More The grief cupboard

Life of Shane

I am not a doctor. I am a Midwife and a Nurse. One of ‘those’ mature aged students whom is presumed to have years of experience in my chosen career just because of my age. Alison has asked me to write on her DocGrief page as a sort of therapy for me and possibly others, … More Life of Shane

A decade of being a pregnant widow- Natalie’s story

Such a tragic title, and not necessarily representative of where I’m at, but it captures quite a bit. It’s the end of February, and half way between the two 10th anniversaries that dominate my calendar. The first a month ago, was the 10th anniversary of my husband’s death. Stephen was 34yo when he died of … More A decade of being a pregnant widow- Natalie’s story