Welcome to DocGrief

Death, doctors and personal grief Hello and welcome. This site is intended to fill a gap in the www being a dedicated space for health professionals to reflect and explore our relationship with death and grief, particularly when personally affected by a death in the family. For my purposes here, I define family as including … More Welcome to DocGrief

Negotiations in Grief- distance adding to the loss

A personal share. Lessons learned and maybe relatable to some. My last travel back to India was 4 yrs back. My mother was diagnosed with cancer then. My first visit was to see what could be done for her regarding tertiary-level management. Due to the local floods in the area, my parents were displaced for … More Negotiations in Grief- distance adding to the loss

Online grief support

I gave a couple of pecha kucha presentations at a recent GP conference which I have recorded and will post here. They over lap a little but each has a slightly different focus. Online support & grief I am talking in this session about online support and grief. Before I jump into this, let me … More Online grief support

“I’m more like herpes than Ebola” – spreading the message about driving fitness

Originally posted on Genevieve's anthology:
Assessing to Drive teaching Sydney June 2017 Since my partner was hit and killed in 2015 by an unfit elderly driver, I’ve been on a mission to increase awareness of the importance of fitness to drive assessments by health professionals. My YouTube video on assessing fitness to drive has…

Workplace triggers

Yesterday I completed my three days of ENAME (Emergency Nursing and Midwife Educaction) education. Up until lunchtime I felt I could take on the world! My confidence soared as I had confronted the Asthma Scenario on day two and hung in there! I was sitting between two colleagues who had been in attendance on the … More Workplace triggers